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Confucius teaches that we only shall follow the law of nature to become happy. The earlier one brings his life in tune with nature, the more satisfactory and successfully one’s life will be.

Petra Ackermann

An old Germany saying states: "Only healthy soil yields a good crop”. This natural wisdom must be followed when you intend to buy land, develop land, build an office or residential building or draft a development or resource management plan.

A “healthy soil” defines itself not only by its chemical composition but has a much more holistic meaning:
  • A “healthy” soil radiates warmth and positive energy;
  • A “healthy” soil makes you feel comfortable all around;
  • A “healthy” soil brings growth, health and prosperity.

Intercultural and interdisciplinary thoughts and methods based on the experience of western and eastern Masters for thousands of years and following the more than 4,000 years old tradition of Feng Shui and Tao-Geomancy allow us today to perform a holistic analysis and practise methods which create and help to sustainable maintain a “healthy soil”.

Tao-Geomancy or taoistic Geomancy is the high spiritual Master Class of Feng-Shui und Geomancy. Tao-Geomancy is the combination of ancient Shamanic, Chinese and European energy-work and healing and geomantic practices and starts where other more traditional practices end.

This method is being more and more accepted all over the world, in parts of Asia it is actually almost essential to facilitate success in business, create harmony and to create a healthy climate for work and life.
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